Students in the Atkins School District are assessed on their progress toward meeting the Arkansas Academic Standards. Teachers provide clearly articulated and appropriate expectations for their students that are aligned with these standards. A wide variety of quality assessments are used to reflect student proficiency and to provide our educators the information needed to make data driven instructional decisions.

ACT Aspire

The ACT Aspire Periodic Assessments are given throughout the school year to give teachers and parents a snapshot of where students are academically throughout the year.  

The ACT Aspire End-of-Year Summative Assessment will be used to assess all Arkansas public school students in grades 3-10 unless they qualify for an alternate assessment. The ACT Aspire summative assessment consists of English, reading, writing, math and science.

Resources for Parents & Students

Click here to go to the ACT Aspire Landing Page, where you can take a sample test for each subject in each grade 3-10 to experience the test ahead of time! 


All Arkansas 11th grade students will be given the opportunity to take the ACTⓇ during the spring of their junior year. The exam will be given on campus and can be used for all scholarship and college admittance purposes. The ACT multiple-choice tests are based on what students have learned in English, reading, math, and science.  

Resources for Parents & Students something...

K-2 Assessment

Arkansas law (Act 930 of 2017) requires the administration of a developmentally appropriate measurement or assessment for kindergarten through grade two (K-2) in literacy and mathematics. To meet this requirement, we administer the Renaissance STAR Assessment three times throughout the school year. 

A Parents Guide to Star Assessments

Reporting Practices

Student learning progress is communicated throughout the school year. Parent/Teacher Conferences are held twice a year to allow parents, students and educators to share information and set goals for the remainder of the school year. At the end of each nine weeks, report cards are sent home which communicates students’ progress in each of their courses as they work toward meeting learning standards. Parents can also view their child’s grades online through the Home Access Center (HAC).